Philadelphia Water Color Society

PWCS 2014 Exhibition Awards


1. PWCS Award for Excellence in Works on Paper

 Denny Bond

2. Elizabeth Shober Hooper Memorial Award for Excellence in Presentation and Technique

 Denise Athanas

3. National Watercolor Society Award for Excellence in Watermedia

 Mick McAndrews

4. PWCS Members’ Award

 Larry Lombardo

5. PWCS Founders’ Award

 Larry Mallory

6. Pennsylvania Watercolor Society Award for Excellence

 Susan Stuller

7. Mary K. McGee Memorial Award for Excellence in Pastel

 Barbara Berry

8. Marie L. Hollenbeck Award for Excellence

 Carole Pickle

9. Chandler Bellows Memorial Award

 Marie Natale

10. Richard Greenwood Memorial Award

 Jean Gill

11. Carolyn Howard Memorial Award

 James Maria

12. Frank Nofer Memorial Award for Transparent Watercolor

 Jane Stoddard

13. Mel Fetterolf Award

 Diane Greenberg

14. PWCS Board of Directors’ Award

 Patrice DeVirgilis

15. Mildred Sands Kratz Award for Traditional Watercolor

 Kay Stern

16. Newman & Saunders Gallery Award

 Alice Laputka

17. Sandra Sawin Memorial Award for Representational Landscape in Watercolor

 David Coolidge

18. Helen Farr Sloan Award given by the Studio Group at Howard Pyle Studio

 Madeleine Kelly

19. Ginny Coombs Award for Excellence

 Sy Ellens

20. George M. Schmid Memorial Award

 Cheryl Coniglio

21. Thornton Oakley Memorial Award

 Herb Appleson

22. Bonnie and Harrison vonDuyke Award for Transparent Watercolor

 Sarah Yeoman

Bold print signifies endowed awards


The Philadelphia Water Color Society was founded in 1900 to offset the then common exhibition prejudice against watercolor. Chartered in 1922 as a corporation, it continued its mission of furthering works on paper (including all water media, pastel, charcoal, pencil, and hand pulled prints) by offering artists the opportunities to exhibit, and to offer the public a chance to learn about these media through professionally juried exhibitions. learn more

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