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Madeleine Kelly, PWCS

Artist and educator, Madeleine Kelly has been invited to judge numerous exhibitions, lecture, and teach multiple mediums. Madeleine never formally studied art, although she continues to evolve as an artist and has achieved her skills through workshops, museums, and demos with such leading artists as Elizabeth Mowry, Rea Redifer, and Homer Johnson. Her paintings are displayed and admired in public and private collections around the world and have been selected for various national and international juried exhibitions where she has received numerous awards. She is a signature member of the Philadelphia Water Color Society where she also serves on the board.

Her work has been published in magazines and newspapers including featured articles in the Philadelphia Inquirer and an American Artist Magazine feature. Her artwork can be seen gracing the set of an indie film; “The Suspect”.

Madeleine Kelly explores the mundane to find the marvelous and for her art is passion, discovery, evolution, and an endless journey. Exploring the versatility of multiple mediums, she uses texture and color to create interest. Although her inspirational triggers are everywhere it is often the medium itself that drives her. Her studio is in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Personally, I have gained enormously from serving on the PWCS Board. Initially I wanted to contribute and sought to enrich my resume and professional brand. PWCS is celebrating 120 years and a long illustrious history and I am now a part of it. Through the Board, I have increased my access to professional networks. I have met many interesting people, artists that I admire, throughout the country.

Serving as part of a team I have direct impact on advancing the direction of the organization and through this now appreciate all that PWCS has to offer and can offer in the future.

And finally, it makes me feel good to be able to use my skills to contribute to PWCS!

Madeleine Kelly 

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