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I look at each painting as an opportunity to challenge myself to deliver the viewer an unexpected point of view. By using an array of experimental watercolor techniques I bring to light the beauty of a subject that may ordinarily be overlooked. I am always looking at the world with an inquiring eye. I tend to paint what excites me at a particular moment; whether it be graffiti on a city building or a magnificent waterfall cascading over rocks. By working on a variety of subjects and utilizing a wide range of techniques, my work retains a spontaneous, energized feel. Each painting takes me on its own unique journey, where I constantly learn something new every time.

I have had a lifelong passion for art and was introduced to watercolor as a teen and have been fascinated by it ever since. Though I have not had formal art training, I keep evolving through attending workshops, studying books and just plain old working in the studio. I have been the recipient of numerous awards from various international and regional juried exhibitions and also hold signature status in many watercolor societies.

Currently, Judith is teaching watercolor and sharing her passion through classes and workshops.

Being on the board of the Philadelphia Watercolor Society has been a great opportunity for me to get to know the people and daily workings that make this society a great success. It has afforded me ways to meet fellow artists and also to give me a sense of pride that I am helping the society in some way. We are a blend of artists from all different backgrounds and life experiences which provides a unique perspective on the direction that PWCS aspires.

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Judith Hummer

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