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Rick Kowalewski, BWS, PWCS

I am an artist, teacher, and life practitioner—exploring the power of fire, water, and yoga.

I paint semi-realistically, with a certain abstract quality. It’s about shapes and color and light. Sometimes the composition is a little ambiguous, leaving the viewer to unwrap the art. My paintings often include strong contrasts, which can be intense in watercolor. I like to build depth into colors with layers of washes. And I love to experiment with mixes to see how different pigments play together.

I paint what inspires me at the moment. And to some extent, the paints do what they want. For me, painting is a way to combine planning and problem solving with serendipity and more intuitive, creative expression. It is my yoga.

Being a PWCS Board Member opens up the art world for me. It offers connections with other artists around the country, a big opportunity to learn, an opportunity to influence the direction of the organization, and a sense of belonging--all in an environment of trust and respect. It’s all the things we really look for in a great job.

Rick is a signature artist/member of the Baltimore Watercolor Society (BWS) and the Philadelphia Water Color Society (PWCS), and currently serving as vice president of the PWCS. He is also an associate member of the American Watercolor Society (AWS), Pennsylvania Watercolor Society (PWS), and South Carolina Watermedia Society (SCWS). His paintings have been selected for many juried exhibitions, winning multiple awards, and have been exhibited at many venues throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Eastern U.S.

Rick also teaches yoga in Silver Spring, MD. He often weaves art into his yoga practice, and yoga into his watercolors.

Positano steps
Rick Kowalewski 

Rick's paintings can be viewed on his website at

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