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Candace Naumowicz – Zacher, BWS

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”
Edgar Degas

My choice of subject matter is almost always from nature whether animals, people, or plants. My selection of the subject always speaks to me first. When I look at the possible subject matter, it has to motivate me and want to engage it. I want to create the emotion and energy I see in it so others can experience it as well.

You might say that I have come full circle! I took art in college, exhibited early on, then went into corporate America for my business life. It’s been a 30-year journey that has me refocusing again on my painting.

My enthusiasm for watercolor comes from the range of color qualities I can produce and its essential transparency. I typically use overlays of washes (glazing) to build up color in my paintings. I gravitate to wet on wet techniques because I love how I can manipulate color. I also use dry brush techniques for textures or patterns. My approach tends to be controlled; I like paying attention to details so the viewer can explore my watercolor painting to its fullest.

I wanted to meet and get to know other artists and found being a board member was an excellent way to do that. When organizations are quite large like PWCS, it's hard to meet others really. I found being a board member could be done at my own pace. I could set my own goals, share them with the board and then work on accomplishing them. Being the PR member, it allowed me to network beyond just the members to companies that support the arts as well as other non-profits. It was a great experience that I would recommend any member should take advantage of.

Candace is a signature member of the Baltimore Watercolor Society and members of the Philadelphia Watercolor Society where I am a board member and in charge of public relations, the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, Greater Norriton Art League and Perkiomen Valley Art League. Her works have been juried into many art exhibitions and have won several awards among these shows. Her paintings are also in several private collections.

Candace Naumowicz – Zacher

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